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For more than 50 years, Texas A&M University at Galveston has developed a reputation for conducting research at the highest level. We are a prominent world leader for providing highly qualified employees to maritime industries, and we set the standard for marine science research and service. Our students, faculty and researchers develop cutting-edge solutions for many of the most pressing issues in our community, state, nation and world. Our graduates are some of the most in-demand leaders for universities, corporations and government institutions.

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Construct facilities to support student development and high-impact teaching and research ($155 million)

The university needs to focus on further developing its academic infrastructure to accommodate the growing student population and new faculty hires. Capital that supports the improved learning environment is vital to successful outcomes. Included are funding opportunities beginning at $50 million for a Student Life Center, a new Immersive Scholarship Learning Environment Building and a new training vessel to accommodate the training needs of the Texas A&M Maritime Academy Corp of Cadets.

Create a Texas A&M University at Galveston Excellence Fund to support campus strategic development through naming opportunities ($19 million)

Naming opportunities advance the Texas A&M University at Galveston Excellence Fund, which supports student scholarships, fellowships, campus improvements, program enhancements and faculty. Endowed gifts of $1 million or more can be used to support the learning of new techniques by faculty and graduate students, the purchase of new equipment and the ability to conduct pilot projects. With our coastal systems and ocean fisheries constantly being impacted, funds could also be used to support an endowment for a high-end laboratory environment in support of aquatic one-health initiatives or for the long-term operations of many of Galveston’s facilities, like our Sea Life Center. The Excellence Fund would also spur innovation, enhance experiential learning, and develop the next leaders of our region, state, nation and world.

Recruit and retain outstanding students and faculty ($12 million)

The college seeks $4 million in scholarships and fellowships (established with endowed gifts beginning at $25,000 each) to enable students to concentrate on the most important part of the college experience: learning. In addition, the college seeks $8 million in endowed professorships and chairs (established with endowed gifts of $500,000 for professorships and $1 million for chairs) which will ensure that Texas A&M University at Galveston can recruit and retain leading faculty who excel in their areas of research and who can propel this campus to the forefront of academics.

Endow the Center for Texas Beaches and Shores ($5 million)

The center is dedicated to the conservation and protection of the Texas shorelines, bays and waterways through innovative research in cooperation with government and private sector agencies. A gift to endow the center will provide a foundation of support for the center to conduct research and support faculty and students in their efforts on coastal protection initiatives like the Ike Dike and flood risk reduction.

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To support the Texas A&M University at Galveston and learn about endowment opportunities, contact Richard Kline.

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Richard Kline

Assistant Vice President for Development
Texas A&M Foundation
(800) 392-3310 or (409) 741-4030

Richard is assistant vice president for development for Texas A&M University Galveston Campus. He assists donors in identifying the areas and programs in the college where their support will enhance Texas A&M's capability to be among the best universities. He joined the Foundation in September 2014.