Mays Strategic Philanthropy Course Partnering with Bush Library Foundation

The Strategic Philanthropy course at the Texas A&M Mays Business School is partnering with the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library Foundation in the fall semester to manage its Community Grant Program. The George H.W. Bush Presidential Library Foundation exists to perpetuate the 41st President’s legacy by fulfilling his mission to prepare tomorrow’s leaders for lives devoted to public service.

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The Strategic Philanthropy course at Mays has distributed almost $200,000 to local community and international nonprofit organizations since its inception in the 2015-2016 school year. It partners with various foundations for the funding.

The Strategic Philanthropy course is a unique educational opportunity that places impactful philanthropic decisions in the hands of students. Throughout the semester, students learn about various facets of philanthropy, hear from philanthropic leaders and experience the grant-making process from a foundation’s perspective. Students also examine their personal beliefs and convictions about giving and serving.

The Strategic Philanthropy course directly aligns with Mays Business School’s vision to advance the world’s prosperity – starting with local community giving allows students to experience impact firsthand.

Running the Bush Library Foundation grants through an academic class will present a few logistical differences, but much will remain the same – with a focus of providing a unique educational opportunity. Community organizations will be notified of the opportunity to apply at the end of August, and further details will be given at that time. Funding decisions will be announced at the beginning of December, with awarded recipients being invited to a check celebration.

The Strategic Philanthropy course will administer all grant-related items including application, review, and decision-making. More specific details regarding this transition will be provided near the end of August.

Giving Opportunities

Support The George Bush Presidential Library Foundation and learn about endowment opportunities today.

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To support The George Bush Presidential Library Foundation and learn about endowment opportunities, contact Stephanie Linder.

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Stephanie Linder

Senior Director of Development
George H.W. Bush Presidential Library Foundation
(979) 862-2251
stephanie linder