Pioneering Stem Education in Qatar

Texas A&M at Qatar is building human capacity in that nation by reaching out to its best and brightest young minds to ensure they are prepared and excited to enter one of the best engineering programs in the world—right here in Qatar.

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Nearly 50 exceptional Qatari high school students have spent the past two summers at Texas A&M at Qatar campus for an intensive STEM education program known as the Summer Engineering Academy that presents participants five research problem areas: renewable energy, water, the environment, robotics, and cybersecurity—all of which are considered some of Qatar’s biggest research challenges. Students then joined one of five teams tasked with developing a project addressing their chosen research area.

During their 10 days on campus, the students got a crash course in engineering concepts and had an opportunity to work closely with faculty members. In addition to the technical engineering work, students also learned about topics such as engineering ethics, communications, and how to prepare presentations and posters, which was important because each group had to present their project to a panel of judges at the end of the program.

As Texas A&M at Qatar mechanical engineering professor Mansour Karkoub says, “Involving students in the grand research challenges of Qatar at an early age not only helps them choose a career path, but they also learn to appreciate the importance of the decisions they make with regard to their futures. I am excited to be working with talented young Qataris as they explore engineering through a project that can contribute to their country’s growth and development.”

Giving Opportunities

Additional scholarship support will allow Texas A&M University at Qatar to retain outstanding students and enable Qatar Aggies to focus primarily on their education without worry.

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To support the Texas A&M University at Qatar and learn about endowment opportunities, contact Carl Jaedicke.

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