Funding Priorities

Students of the College of Engineering are held to the highest standards of academic excellence. We teach our students engineering fundamentals instilled with a model of professional and ethical behavior. Our well-rounded programs provide facilities, materials, and professional support that inspire creativity and collaboration so that students meet the complex technical challenges of society. This blend of education ensures that students rise to their full potential as distinguished scholars.

  • Building the Engineering Education Complex
  • Graduate fellowships for domestic students
  • Professors of practice engaging with and inspiring students
  • Scholarships for high-achieving students
  • Endowed department head chairs
  • Retention and recruitment of chairs and professorships
  • Funding the Subsea Program
  • Funding the Multidisciplinary Program
  • Funding the Entrepreneurship Program
  • Undergraduate research
  • Naming departments
  • Dean’s Excellence Fund
  • PreK-12 early engineering

Lead by Support

With your support, there’s no telling how far our leadership will go. We are closer than ever to our $4 billion goal. Help us continue the momentum and set the example for all by supporting our campaign today.

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