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The objective of the Hagler Institute for Advanced Study is nothing less than to elevate Texas A&M University to global academic and research leadership. The world is changed by great universities, and brilliant scholars are the foundation on which great universities thrive. At Texas A&M, the Hagler Institute for Advanced Study is the cornerstone of that foundation. The institute is designed to target and attract world-renowned scholars - called Faculty Fellows - to the university each year to team with our exceptional faculty and students for up to twelve months. To date the Institute has attracted two Nobel Prize winners, a Wolf Prize recipient, awardees of the National Medal of Science and the National Medal of Technology and Innovation, the youngest recipient ever of the Hubble Medal in Literature for Lifetime Achievement, members of national and international academies, and winners of many prestigious research competitions. By fostering collaborative relationships among Faculty Fellows, A&M faculty and students in all disciplines, the Institute advances the university’s research productivity and deepens students’ educational experiences. The Hagler Institute for Advanced Study is the only one of its kind in the U.S. Only the most exceptional scholars are invited to be Faculty Fellows, and the Institute serves each of the ten traditional colleges, from Engineering to Liberal Arts, as well as the School of Law, the Health Science Center, the Galveston campus.

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Fund five donor-named chairs for world-class scholars ($15 million)

Hagler Institute chairs are filled only by world-class scholars for up to twelve months in residence at Texas A&M. The institute currently brings an average of 10 world-class scholars to Texas A&M each year. The institute pays 70 percent of their salary, while the host college pays 30 percent and other expenses, but a Hagler Chair is expected to often pay all costs. New endowed Hagler Institute chairs at the $3 million level can be devoted to a specific college. This would ensure the college could participate in this program in perpetuity and enable the institute to increase its number of outstanding scholars per year. Matching funds may be available to endow a chair for $1.5 million.

Establish a donor-named Director’s Chair ($4 million)

An endowed chair for the director of the institute is essential for continuity in quality of staff over time. It is important that future directors of the Hagler Institute enjoy the same world-renowned reputation as the current director, Dr. John Junkins, and incoming faculty fellows. The director of the institute must be half time with the institute and half time with his or her professional college and maintain scholarship at the frontiers of knowledge. The continuing academic role requires the director to raise funds for graduate students to assist with his or her research and to maintain a reputation as a scholar. A chair for the director would provide support that would obviate the need for the director to write research grant proposals, to devote time to the institute. The chair would help provide such support for the occupying scholar and his or her students. A chair for a future director is crucially needed to ensure continuity of excellence at the highest staffing of the institute. Matching funds may be available for a gift of $2 million.

Create a donor-named Graduate Student Fellowship Endowment ($800,000)

The Institute currently provides two $30,000 graduate student fellowships per faculty fellow. These are awarded to outstanding students who collaborate on research with a faculty fellow as well as A&M faculty, providing each student with career changing opportunities and inspiration that can only come from working side by side with the best scholars in their field. New endowments for student scholarships would enable an increase in the number of students who team with these outstanding faculty fellows and their A&M faculty hosts. An endowment for a graduate student fellowship will connect the donor with many of the top graduates of Texas A&M, some of whom will make significant contributions to mankind during their lifetime. An $800,000 endowment would provide a $30,000 fellowship each year in perpetuity. Matching funds may be available for a gift of $400,000.

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Great Minds

A $20 million gift from Jon Hagler ’58 names the Hagler Institute for Advanced Study and fuels Texas A&M’s best and brightest thinkers.

To support the Hagler Institute for Advanced Study and learn about endowment opportunities, contact John L. Junkins.

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John L. Junkins, Ph.D., P.E., NAE

Founding Director, Hagler Institute for Advanced Study
305F Jack Williams Building
3572 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-3572
(979) 458-4992
john junkins