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With internationally renowned faculty and a dedicated community of supporters, the College of Education and Human Development engages in multidisciplinary educational and research programs that span all of human development. In the classroom, we address education’s most urgent challenges and remain at the forefront of the fight to improve educational achievement. In health and wellness, we conduct research that informs policy and practice, ultimately improving the quality of life for countless individuals. And across every focus, we prepare the absolute best leaders of tomorrow and set the standard for excellence.

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Disseminate Research Data for Real-World Applications ($19 million)

You can support the following programs and centers with endowed gifts of $25,000 or more to contribute to the college’s overall fundraising goals.

• Enhance the Texas A&M Coaching Academy ($5 million)

The coaching academy prepares individuals who seek to guide, mentor and develop not only the youth of our state and nation, but participants in sport and physical activity at all levels.

• Create and name the STEM Teaching and Learning Innovation Center ($5 million)

The center will provide professional development to K-12 campuses and communities; establish a digital lesson plan library; and create a new curriculum development laboratory. It will also reach out to middle and high school students to encourage interest in STEM fields.

• Raise funds for the Center for Urban School Partnerships ($3 million)

This is the only research center in the state of Texas with a specific purpose of improving urban schools via collaborative partnerships.

• Raise funds for the Center on Disability and Development ($3 million)

The center supports the self-determination, community integration, and quality of life for people with disabilities and their families.

• Expand the Telehealth Program ($2 million)

Texas has the highest proportion of counties designated as mental health provider shortage areas. The TAMU Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program is the only accredited psychology doctoral program in the nation operating a telepsychology clinic.

• Raise funds for the Center for Translational Research on Aging and Longevity ($1 million)

The center seeks to help people live longer and healthier lives.

Increase the Number of Highly-Trained, Certified Teachers ($10 million)

• Endow undergraduate scholarships for low-income students ($5 million)

Scholarships, which can be endowed starting at $25,000, will target low-income students to facilitate access to our certification programs.

• Help create the Dean’s Education Scholars Program ($5 million)

By encouraging gifted students from low-income families and schools to seek teacher certification at Texas A&M, we will create a path to academic achievement for those who may someday lead the way in high-need teaching fields. Dean’s Education Scholarships can be funded with a $100,000 endowment.

Create Transformational Learning Experiences ($4 million)

• Provide additional funding for The Sydney & J.L. Huffines Institute for Sports Medicine & Human Performance ($2 million)

These funds would augment and expand the scope of this institute to conduct further research as well as increase public dialogue about sports medicine and human performance. You can contribute with a $25,000 endowed gift.

• Increase undergraduate research opportunities ($1 million)

In this time of global change, it is critical that our students are prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Selected students will work with a faculty mentor on a new or existing project, thereby gaining valuable research experience and understanding. Create a $100,000 endowment to support students pursuing undergraduate research opportunities with tenured faculty.

• Provide opportunities for global education and engagement ($1 million)

Through immersion in global education opportunities, our students will expand their knowledge of the world, become adept at adjusting to new surroundings and develop communication skills across cultures. Create a global study scholarship with a $25,000 endowed gift.

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To support the College of Education & Human Development and learn about endowment opportunities, contact Jody Ford.

jody ford

Jody Ford ’99

Senior Director of Development
Texas A&M Foundation
(800) 392-3310 or (979) 847-8655

Jody is the senior director of development for the College of Education and Human Development. He assists donors in identifying the areas and programs in the college where their support will enhance Texas A&M's capability to be among the best universities. Jody joined the Foundation in February 2005.