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Transformational Education for All Students

The commitment to strengthening every student’s education by providing transformational experiences and supporting timely graduation with low debt.

Discovery and Innovation for the World

The support for and utilization of all human and technological resources that contribute to solutions for the world’s toughest challenges.

Impact on the state, the nation & the world

The integration of land-grant origins and research prowess with a steadfast commitment to serve the greater good near and far.

Transformational Education for All Students


We teach inside classrooms and labs but our lessons span far beyond those walls. We focus on a complete educational experience to help students understand the world through such initiatives as groundbreaking research that’s open to all students, and study abroad experiences. And we are committed to providing that enrichment to students of every financial circumstance.


At Texas A&M, we invest in the leaders of tomorrow. This is why we continuously offer our students a complete education, no matter their degree or field of study. This includes hands-on training, capstone explorations, honors programs, and experimental learning. Our goal is to not just educate, but challenge and surprise our students, thereby enhancing their success at every level.


We ensure that any student at our university has equal access to international, entrepreneurial, and service learning experiences. We want to find more ways to offer endowment programs and scholarships that will increase graduation rates and lower the average debt.

Lead by Support

With your support, there’s no telling how far our leadership will go. We are closer than ever to our $4 billion goal. Help us continue the momentum and set the example for all by supporting our campaign today.

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