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Transformational Education for All Students

The commitment to strengthening every student’s education by providing transformational experiences and supporting timely graduation with low debt.

Discovery and Innovation for the World

The support for and utilization of all human and technological resources that contribute to solutions for the world’s toughest challenges.

Impact on the state, the nation & the world

The integration of land-grant origins and research prowess with a steadfast commitment to serve the greater good near and far.

Impact on the State, the Nation, and the World


True to our land-grant designation, it is our responsibility to improve the world with forward-thinking research and service that make the state and the world significantly better. The knowledge, capabilities, and service-mindedness executed by a diverse student body will have an impact on those close to home and across the globe.


We are committed to equal opportunity for all students, regardless of background or situation, so they may bring their unique perspectives that enrich our student body. Through financial support and fundamental learning opportunities, we fuel confident, independent graduates.


We infuse a spirit of entrepreneurship into our graduates by helping translate their scholarly work into impactful projects that will bring discovery, innovation, and leadership to the world.

Lead by Support

With your support, there’s no telling how far our leadership will go. We are closer than ever to our $4 billion goal. Help us continue the momentum and set the example for all by supporting our campaign today.

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