Discovery and Innovation for the World


We push boundaries to attack the most fundamental and monumental societal challenges. We utilize our faculty, scholars, and partners to invent new trains of thought, conduct purpose-driven research, and forge better results, so that we may bring the latest solutions to those with the greatest needs.


Our fearless, interdisciplinary approach equips us with better tools and broader perspectives to take on the world’s greatest, most-pressing challenges. Through STEM education, we marshal resources toward developing research, teaching, and student services. We strive to attain sustainable, optimal health for the ecosystem through the collaborative effort of One Health. The Energy Institute addresses all facets of energy landscapes that incorporate many different fields. We recruit students to engage in improving the overall health of our environment. And we are dedicated to cultivating the next generation of engaged citizens by upholding the principles of democracy.


Each of our 19 schools and colleges addresses societal challenges in distinct ways. From the College of Agriculture and Life Science’s initiatives to protect the environment, to developing ethical leaders at the Bush School of Government and Public Service, to promoting healthier lifestyles through the Health Science Center, we are on the front lines of shaping a better world.


The world’s best and brightest scholars are essential to our progress. We will inspire, recruit, and support these top minds.

Lead by Support

With your support, there’s no telling how far our leadership will go. We are closer than ever to our $4 billion goal. Help us continue the momentum and set the example for all by supporting our campaign today.

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