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True leadership is defined by the actions one takes and the example one sets for others. On October 7, we outlined the “case for the campaign.” We invite you to explore these opportunities and consider making your impact at Texas A&M.View Projects

Our Impact

We’ve always known what it’s like to lead by example, but now it’s time to show the world what our leadership can do. With one of the boldest comprehensive campaigns in the history of public higher education, we can position ourselves in a new class of global leaders.

With technology and techniques that help developing countries, tools and solutions to treat and prevent the deadliest diseases, and programs and experiences that build stronger scholars, Texas A&M is poised to make an even bigger impact near and far.

Lead by Support

With your support, there’s no telling how far our leadership will go. We are closer than ever to our $4 billion goal. Help us continue the momentum and set the example for all by supporting our campaign today.

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